How long does foot zone session last?

A foot zone last 45-55 minutes for an adult session. Sessions with children will take 20-40 minutes depending upon the size of the feet.

How often should I be zoned?

Regular foot zoning should take place about two times a month, however if anything feels out of balance, more frequent sessions may be needed.

What results should I expect from receiving a foot zone?

Foot zoning sessions will rebalance the energy in your body. This will be felt through decrease feelings of stress, fatigue, chronic pains, and increase mental wellness.

What tools are used during a foot zone?

The only “tools” used during a session are the hands of the foot zoner. A foot zoner’s knowledge of the connections between the foot and the rest of the body is the greatest asset of a foot zone. Essential oils can also be used to compliment the service.

Does foot zoning replace seeing a doctor?

No. Foot zoning can help the body heal itself by balancing its energy. This can help reduce symptoms and even cure some maladies, but this does not take the place of seeing a doctor for clinically diagnosed ailments or medical emergencies.

Who would benefit from a foot zone?

Everyone! But precautions are taken for clients with pace makers or other artificial medical implants and those who have had recent surgeries.